Kristel Kruustük founded Testlio in November 2012. Testlio is a community of verified mobile testers with a platform that integrates into your team’s development process. Testlio takes a quality versus quantity approach when it comes to both testers and prioritizing issues, resulting in faster development cycles and improved apps.

On this episode you’ll learn:

What is Kristel’s thoughts on the mantra of move fast and break things?

What’s the right balance of getting new features and iterations out into the market vs. ensuring quality of your code before shipping?

What are the most important skills founders should look for when hiring a QA tester?

What does Kristel attribute as the most important catalyst for Estonia’s development into a top European tech hub?

With companies such as Testlio, TransferWise, and Skype coming up through Estonia, why has Estonia turned into an innovation hub within Europe?


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