Meet Chris Folayan, co-founder and CEO of MallforAfrica. Chris has over 20 years of experience in C level roles in marketing, technology development, and acquisition roles in various USA based High-Tech companies, and startups. Prior to developing the MallforAfrica app and platform Chris was the Founder and CEO of OCFX Inc. a globally recognized, award winning Software and Web Design Agency serving clients such as SONY, LSI, Cisco, HP, EPSON, TYCO, US Government, Visa, BestBuy, CapitalOne Finance, EMC and many other companies. Chris managed global relations with clients in over 50 countries and multi-million dollar projects. He graduated from San Jose State University in the heart of the Silicon valley with a BA in Marketing.

On This Episode You’ll Learn:

What were the problems Chris was solving that was preventing Western Brands from selling into Africa?

When considering expansions into other markets in Africa, what does Chris find to be the biggest challenges?

Chris has said that “The American or British marketing plans will not work in Africa. You need an African marketing plan.” What does he mean by that?

Where does Chris see the future of technology integrating with brick and mortar retail in Africa?