Say hello to Patrick Muhire, Co-founder of Rwanda based startup VugaPay. VugaPay is a Payment gateway system whose goal is to create a cross-boarder mobile money platform for the Unbanked individuals from emerging markets. This will enable mobile money users to ‘transfer money’ using any GSM phone locally or to other countries with mobile money services needless of queuing at banks or via Traditional wire-transfers. The product has been designed to meet the needs of this special customer segment.

On This Episode You’ll Learn:

How big of a market is Rwanda for VugaPay?

Is Patrick still focusing on growth in Rwanda or has he already gotten to the point where he needs to start launching into other markets in Africa?

Before VugaPay Patrick started RwandaTV on which he had almost 100k users. How did that come into existence and is he still working on it?

How has Patrick been able to build a money transfer system that works across networks?

What are VugaPay’s best user acquisition channels?

What social media platforms are most popular in Rwanda?