On this episode we interview Lahiru Pathmalal, CEO and co-founder of Sri Lankan Ecommerce startup Takas. Takas started in 2012, with an initial goal to empower the consumer in Sri Lanka to easily access anything they desire. Their market approach has always been based on trust and great customer service, as result of this; they were the first to introduce the cash on delivery payment method. Thanks to their strong customer base, they have grown to one of the most trusted e-commerce sites in Sri Lanka. Lahiru Pathmalal has a BA in Political Science, and a Masters in International Relations from the University of Queensland. He has worked in United States, Afghanistan and Australia in child care. And has also worked as the Program Coordinator at the International Center for Ethnic Studies in Sri Lanka.

On This Episode You’ll Learn:

What’s other countries would Lahiru consider to be similar markets for him to replicate his business model that’s working in Sri Lanka?

What is the current landscape of e-commerce vs. brick and mortar in Sri Lanka?

What logistical challenges does Sri Lanka present for Takas?

How active are the Lakan Angels and what verticals do they typically focus on?