Meet Daniel Araújo, Daniel worked at Google for almost 5 years as an Analyst in the Branding Sector, where he studied Internet trends and consumer behavior. is building the first fully fledged information assistant for any professional. To do that, they first need to understand the right context of each one of them, their priorities and which companies would benefit most from their product at this point in time. Attentive is starting with one specific use case in mind: sales teams. Have you ever tried to keep up to date on all news about your leads and clients? Maybe you set up a Google alert or tried to follow people on LinkedIn, but that’s a lot of manual work. With Attentive connected to your CRM, they can get all of those insights directly to you, effortlessly.

On This Episode You’ll Learn:

In an interview with Small cap Nation Daniel said that as an Intelligence company, you must win the US market first? Why is that?

Does the incumbency advantage in AI with companies like Google and Microsoft owning some of the world’s largest data sets concern Daniel?

What is Daniel’s criteria and outside perspective on what areas in the US he finds the most enticing to locate to?

Does Daniel believe AI’s overall capabilities are being overestimated by the broader market?