Meet Dzenan Skulj, founder of Parttimerz. Parttimerz is a kickass freelancing platform featuring premium grade freelancers of diverse background and specialization. Unlike other freelancing platforms, they believe that less is more and are determined to give their clients the best in class freelancing service that money can buy. They’ve built a freelancing platform that’s unconventional and disruptive. While everyone who’s got something to offer in terms of services to their freelancing community is welcome to join for free, only the premium grade freelancers are guaranteed long and prosperous freelancing careers. In other words, they’ve designed a system which rewards top performers on monthly basis with a generous commission and at the same time weeds out the underperformers. This way they ensure their clients expectations are always met, if not exceeded.

On This Episode You’ll Learn:

What is the story of Parttimerz’s founding?

How does Parttimerz differentiate from other freelancing platforms?

What was it like growing up as an entrepreneurial kid in war torn Sarajevo?

Current state of entrepreneurship in Sarajevo?