Say hello to Albert Stepanyan, founder of Develandoo. Albert is an A.I. Evangelist and Entrepreneur who loves code. He has an entrepreneurial mindset with a passion for coding. Currently, he acts as the CEO and lead strategist at Develandoo. Develandoo is a software accelerator that is changing the way companies build products. His experience includes acting as CTO of a Munich-based Startup accelerator, lead engineer at various enterprises, and lead engineer or technical co-founder on more than 50 high-profile projects. Albert Stepanyan saw two fundamental problems in the way that software products were being developed. 1. Companies were struggling to hire and build teams in house. And 2. Hiring an outside vendor was risky and didn’t always look good to key stakeholders. Albert created Develandoo’s new model to include mixed teams and the ability to hire your team as full-time employees after the project. This model was immediately adopted by startup accelerators and companies such as Kichink, MoneyPark, Swiss Startup Factory, WeLocalize and more. In the first few years of business, Develandoo went from an idea to a million dollar business receiving investment capital. They are operating globally with locations in California, Mexico City, Munich, Berlin, Armenia.

On This Episode You’ll Learn:

What are the biggest differences in Western European vs’ Eastern European’s entrepreneurs?

Are AI’s current capabilities being over-estimated by the market?

Why has Berlin overtaken Munich as Germany’s startup hub?

Where in the world do the most successful companies in Develandoo locate to after the program?