Meet Ammishaddai Ofori, CEO and Co-founder of Flippy Campus – a social app for tertiary students. Ammishaddai is excited about technology and how it can improve the lives of everyday people. He consult’s for start-ups and companies on their branding and go to market strategies. His love for tech got gim co-hosting on Citi Trends, a weekly podcast on Citi 97.3 FM on technology trends from around the world. When He’s not being a tech nerd, Ammishaddai write’s and perform’s poetry and MCs for weddings and professional events. Flippy Campus is a social application that helps students get updated on what is happening on their campuses. On “Flippy”, students can get to know other people on their campus, department and halls, they can also discover trending hot topics as well as events happening on campus. Announcements from departments also live on Flippy Campus so students don’t need to visit any notice board for information. It also now allows students to interact with students from other universities.