Say hello to Ashwin Ravichandran, GM of MEST Accra. Ashwin is from India, and has been working with startups since he graduated with a Computer Science degree in 2011. He has worked with startups in the recruitment, lifestyle, education and data + social impact sectors. Ashwin has worked in almost every vertical in a company because he believes every single member of the team counts and their skills can be utilized in every way. His favorite being user experience/user interfaces and customer journeys. Ashwin fell in love with the African Tech space when he joined MEST in 2015. It showed him the true scope and potential of the space here. The challenges faced by Africa are many and each solution is extremely disruptive. He like’s the simple fact that technology can be involved in every step in this solution. Be it in the financial, lifestyle or social sector, technology is going to be the backbone.


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