Say Hello to Paulin Dementhon founder and CEO of Drivy. Drivy offers occasional drivers a better alternative to car ownership, while allowing car owners to cut down on car expenses. They are a community of neighbors and travelers who share their cars and like to use their resources more efficiently. They have over 2 million rentals a day. Prior to Drivy, Paulin founded Quivaou. Quivaou was a dynamic ridesharing project. The objective was to match drivers and passengers in real time for short urban rides, using smartphones. It was both technically too complex for a beginner, and marketing-wise had no solution to the critical mass problem.

On This Episode You’ll Learn:

As a company in the peer-to-peer automobile space, how does Paulin plan for and build a company while thinking about the coming shift to autonomous vehicles?

How will the full stack of autonomy play out with apps, autonomy software and the physical car? Will it be a winner takes all market?

How do players like BPIFrance and corporate VC entering the French VC ecosystem change the early stage funding landscapes and how has Paulin seen it evolve since founding Drivy?

Since you founding Drivy, how has Paulin seen the French Government’s attitude and effort towards supporting the startup ecosystem change?


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