Say hello to Eitan Bienstock, Founder and CEO of Everything IoT. Eitan is an experienced executive, investor and entrepreneur. He founded Everything IoT in 2015 to provide focus and global perspective for the Internet of Things in Australia. With the mission to propel IoT innovation, Everything IoT quickly became a global platform for IoT innovation connecting corporates with startups. Before founding Everything IoT, Eitan spent over 20 years working for fortune 100 companies, venture capital firms, incubators as well as founding couple of startups in Israel, the US and Australia. An ex Intel Capital, Eitan is highly involved in the Australian startup ecosystem as an investor, mentor and startup builder. A recipient of the “Intel Achievement Award”, he was responsible for the development and management of Intel Israel’s incubator program in the late 90’s that resulted in 100’s Million dollars of economic value to the participating companies and a successful NASDAQ IPO ((NVMI). Eitan was Israel rowing champion for a period of 10 years competing in world championships. Currently, he lives in Sydney Australia often enjoying his morning’s paddle on Sydney’s beautiful harbor.

On This Episode You’ll Learn:

Does Eitan see IOT companies as disruptors similar to Uber or Airbnb or does he think partnership with incumbents will be the pathway to success for IOT startups?

What are Eitan’s thoughts on the current market opportunity of consumer IOT vs. B2B?

With this next wave of companies, IOT, drones, etc. What does Eitan think is the appropriate level of regulatory involvement by governments?

What’s an up and coming startup scene in Australia that the rest of the world might not know about?


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