Meet Frank Cottle, Chairman and Founder of Alliance Business Centers. The Alliance Business Centers Network and the Alliance group of affiliated companies is globally involved in all aspects of Office Business Centers and Virtual Office industries. They are headquartered in Newport Beach, California with other global offices and operations. Their mission optimize knowledge and empower business center operators with information and insider knowledge critical to the office business center industry. Alliance Business Centers Network is the leading network of independently owned and operated Office Business Centers. Comprised of over 650 locations in 42 countries, Alliance centers are in every major market in the world. The Alliance Academy is the definitive training solution for members of the Office Business Center industry, as well as all related industries that interact with the Office Business Center industry. They specialize in Executive suites, Office business centers, Serviced offices, Virtual offices, Business center operations, Training, Communications.

On This Episode You’ll Learn:

How has the trend of globalization of the workforce changed commercial real estate industry over the past 5-7 years?

With Softbank’s massive $4.4 B investment into Wework, does Frank think this signals a potential winner take all scenario in the coworking market and what is the biggest thing Wework has gotten right?

What does the future of commercial real estate industry look like?

Where in the world are Frank’s hottest commercial real estate markets right now?


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