Meet Jonathan Lewy, Managing Partner at Investo. In 2010 Jonathan co-founded At the end of 2011 the team sold the company to and realized that they lacked strategic advice during our venture. At the end of 2012 they decided to create a VC fir that would help other founders where they were lacking. Investo is a seed capital firm investing in tech startups with high-growth potential. The companies they’ve funded have gone on to create over a 1000 jobs in different parts of the world. They help startups with business development and programmers recruiting. They also provide seed capital and other strategic advice throughout their partnership with the startups.

On This Episode You’ll Learn:

How does Jonathan evaluate the seed market today? Does he think it’s over financed compared to 5 years ago when he started?

Do you believe that in seed stage investing it’s more important to find the right team working on the right problem or focusing more on hard metrics?

What are Jonathan’s thoughts on appropriate fund sizes for Seed stage VC’s?

We’ve seen a huge spike in Coporate Venture Capital through Europe, Asia, and and North America, why does Jonathan think that Mexico Corporates haven’t taken to startups in the same way?


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