Oliver is a serial entrepeneur and investor in the internet/multimedia/mobile space. As founder and CEO of the Austrian startup SYSIS, Oliver and his team won a series of international innovation awards for their intelligent online community games such as Austrian national multimedia award and the Europrix Multimedia. As a small Austrian startup, SYSIS signed up customers from around the globe, including Time Inc. in the US, The Times & The Guardian in the UK and Ericsson with whom SYSIS managed to built a global strategic partnership. In 2000, Oliver sold his first business, FUNDAQ, a subsidiary of SYSIS that pioneered the field of online virtual communities, to Blue-C AG. At the end of 2008, Oliver returned to Austria and switched sides to become an angel investor in Austrian and CEE based startups. Mid 2011 Oliver launched Speedinvest, the first super angel fund in Austria fully focussed on internet and mobile startups. Speedinvest works out of Vienna, Austria and Silicon Valley, USA.

On This Episode You’ll Learn:

What were some of biggest lessons you learned or mistakes Oliver made in his first 10 million euro fund that has helped with his latest 100M Euro fund?

How did Oliver decide his initial to follow on funding ratio of 50% and what KPI’s determine which companies to double down on and which not to?

How has Austria’s startup ecosystem evolved over the course of Oliver’s career

Why does Oliver think there has been a lag in funding across Central and Eastern Europe and has he seen signs of hope over the past couple years?


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