Eran Wagner is a Managing Partner for i3 Equity Partners, i3 Equity Partners is an Israel-based, early stage venture fund founded by General Electric Ventures, Microsoft Ventures, and other technology companies. i3 focuses on investments in Internet of Things (IoT) developments and in entrepreneurs based through the Startup Nation. After spending the early part of his career as a serial entrepreneur. Eran entered the world of Venture Capital as a General Partner at Gemini Israel Ventures. Gemini was the first venture capital fund that emerged from the Israeli government’s Yozma program in 1993 and focuses in early and seed stage investments in technology companies in sectors that include mobile, digital media, enterprise software, online services and semiconductors.

On this episode you’ll learn:

What are some of the challenges that come along with building a startup in a market as small as Israel? How do you companies overcome this?

Based on Eran’s experience on numerous boards, what can entrepreneurs do to most effectively manage their board relationships?

What trends have we seen in investing in hardware products in the last 5 years? Why is hardware becoming more attractive an investment field?

What are some of the weaknesses in Israeli startup ecosystem?


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