Marek Zmyslowski is a serial entrepreneur turned angel investor, currently based out of Cape Town, South Africa. After the Global Financial Crisis, Marek left the investment banking world and started a few companies in Poland including Mementis, Poland biggest online network of funeral services, which he sold in 2013. In March 2013 he traveled to Poland to cofound Jumia Travel, a Rock Internet backed hospitality company which eventually became Africa’s Number 1 Hotel Booking Portal. Marek helped the company grow to 300+ staff, with offices in 12 African countries and more than 25,000 hotels in direct inventory. Marek then stepped down and shortly after founded HotelOga where he helped bring Nigeria’s hospitality industry online. After his merger with Savanna Sunrise, he relocated to Cape Town where he invests in and works with most promising new technology companies in emerging and frontier markets across the world to help them scale up internationally.


On this episode you’ll learn:

What were the early lessons Marek learned when first starting to do business in Nigeria and signing deals with hotels?

If Marek were to start a technology company today with the ambition of scaling across Africa what city and country would he go to and why?

Based on Marek’s experience, how does he think an ecosystem like Nigeria can create a local ecosystem of smart capital for Nigerian entrepreneurs?

Outside of the hospitality industry what does Marek see as some of the biggest market opportunities in Africa right now?


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