Rina Onur co-founded Peak Games (largest social gaming company of MENA region) and Hemenkiralik.com (first vacation rental network of Turkey). She currently manages 500 Istanbul, focused on backing exciting startups from Turkey/Turkic region and the diaspora. Rina started her career in the Private Equity world before cofounding Peak games after the 2008 Financial Crisis and has made her way back into the world of investing with 500 Startups.

On this episode you’ll learn:

What unique perspective or experience was Rina able to take from her time in Private Equity into the startup world.

Were their any unique advantages or disadvantages Peak Games had being based in Turkey?

What are the typical concerns and questions Turkish founders get when raising capital from international or US investors?

Does Rina prefer Turkish companies with a distributed, global customer base? Or companies with traction in Turkey hyper-focused on the Turkish market?


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