Guillermo Freire is the CEO/Cofounder of Trocafone. Trocafone is a simple way to trade smartphones for both buyers and sellers in Brazil and Argentina, avoiding all the frictions usually involved in a transaction. They buy used smartphones, refurbish them and then resell devices with the same practicalities of a new one, but at 40% of the price. Trocafone has raised over $4.2 Million from the likes of Lumia Capital, 500 Startups, and Richmond Global Ventures.


On this episode you’ll learn:

Why has mobile penetration in Brazil and South America has fallen so far behind the rest of the world?

What does the funding landscape look like for Brazilian startups in that middle ground between early stage and private equity capital?

What are some of the biggest weaknesses or obstacles that the community faces in becoming competitive on a global level with the likes of Silicon Valley, London, or a Tel Aviv?

What are the hot verticals in Brazil that VC’s are chasing?


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