Maciej has been involved in building advertising and marketing technology platforms for his own companies and for clients since 2007.

He is currently the CEO of Clearcode, a full-service software development house specializing in custom AdTech, MarTech, and data analytics development, and CEO of Piwik PRO, an on-premises and cloud marketing suite that provides 100% data ownership and compliance with privacy laws. Maciej’s career in the online advertising and marketing industries began in 2007 when he co-founded the first blog advertising network in Poland. The company raised capital from one of the leading media portals in Poland and was later acquired. Maciej was also a co-founder of Kanary NEST, a demand-side platform (DSP), which was acquired in 2014 by Gravity4.

On this episode you’ll learn:

When someone like Google opens up a campus, like they did in Warsaw, what sort of impact has Maciej seen that having on the surrounding startup scene?

What Polish cities comprise the 2 or 3 primary tech hubs in the country?

Poland is traditionally more of a outsourcing hub as opposed to software teams building there own products, how is that changing along with a change in mindset when it comes to startups?

How does Maciej think that the Visegrad countries can go about attracting more private capital to invest in their tech ecosystems?


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