Daniel Maison is CEO/Cofounder and Isaac Hunja is CMO of SkyGarden, an ecommerce platform built for African businesses. Business owners that want to use the platform download the Sky.Garden Merchant App from Google Play and set up an account. All they need to provide are their personal details, name of their shop and other shop details such as opening hours, location and mobile money phone number. Isaac previously helped launch Uber into the Kenyan market as well as grew Hellofood Kenya which was eventually acquired by Jumia. Daniel was previously a Regional Director for East Africa for the leading incentives solution company in Africa.

On This Episode you’ll learn:

How big of an e-commerce opportunity does rural Africa present?
What were the biggest sales channels for African merchants before Sky Garden?
What are Sky Garden’s best acquisition channels?
How does the Sky Garden solve for the chicken and egg problem all marketplaces face?