Afzal Habib and Sabrina Habib are the cofounders of Kidogo, a social enterprise that improves access to high-quality, affordable Early Childhood Care & Education in East Africa’s low-income communities. Working mothers living in East Africa’s informal settlements (urban slums) face a difficult decision of where to keep their young children during the working day. As a result, they are typically left with leaving children home alone , pulling an older sibling out of school to take care of a younger sibling, or using an unlicensed, home-based “babycare” with an untrained caregiver. Kidogo solves this by using a Hub and Spoke franchising model to train and empower women in these area to provide quality care and education. Prior to co-founding Kidogo, Afzal was a Management Consultant at BCG and has experience working with CARE International’s Enterprise Development Unit in Bangladesh and with the Acumen Fund in Tanzania building a pipeline of impact investments in the region. Sabrina leads Kidogo’s Strategy, Partnerships & Impact. She spent 4 years working with the Aga Khan Development Network in Kenya & Tanzania and recently worked with the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network to promote a child-integrated approach in the post-2015 global agenda.

On this episode you’ll learn:
How does Afzal define a social enterprise?
How is raising capital and your responsibility to your shareholders different in a social enterprise?
Realistically, how scalable is a social enterprise?
What is the current ed-tech environment in East Africa?