Karen Contet Farzam is passionate about Technology and Startups, co-founder of WHub.io, Hong Kong biggest startup community.

She is immersed in the Startup Scene as a Founding and Board member of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong, Community Leader for Techstars, a Front End Web Development instructor, a Mentor for several accelerator programs, speaker at International Conference like JS conference 2015 in Singapore, French Foreign Trade Advisor, FrenchTech Ambasador and Founder of WomenWhoCodeHK.

Karen has been working in Asia for 13 years, starting in Tokyo as JP Morgan Exotic Equity Derivatives Trader to Software Engineer for an IoT Startup, teaching Front-End Web Development and co-founded and built WHub.io, HK biggest startup community.

On this episode you’ll learn:

How homogeneous are the Hong Kong and China markets? Once a company captures the Hong Kong market can they easily expand to Shenzhen or is Hong Kong more so an entry point into SE Asia?

Why are B2B Fintech companies, so much more prevalent in Hong Kong than B2C players?

Why is the current environment for cryptocurrency and blockchain entrepreneurs in Hong Kong?

Karen has helped numerous startups in Hong Kong get off the ground, what advice does she give founders when hiring their first few employees?