Global Tech Pulse Check: Who’s growing and who’s successfully raising – Part 2


In part 2 of our podcast mini-series we look at the investor perspective of the current state of the global seed and growth stage investing environment. Our 2 guests today include Sean O’Sullivan the Managing General Partner at SOSV, a global venture capital firm providing multi-stage investment and investing in 150 companies, and Tien Wong CEO at Opus 8, where he provides strategy and fundraising advice to technology companies and investors. Opus8 organizes tech networking events as well as fundraising missions for private equity and VC firms to meet overseas LPs.

“The whole world’s energies are focused on trying to make this happen. And to that extent, it’s a really wonderful thing to see that much focus addressing an issue and to see so many solutions popping up.”

Sean O’Sullivan

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. How Sean has adapted his global vc and accelerator programs and how to think about approaching the post COVID-19 era – [6:01]
  2. The difference between navigating market down turns as an entrepreneurs with a company of 15 vs as an executive with a company of 2300 employees  – [13:26]
  3. How this is affecting startup valuations and deal flow in the United States – [16:05]

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