Google’s $10B investment into India and the global data privacy war


Bill Ottman is an American Internet entrepreneur and freedom of information activist based in New York City best known as the CEO and co-founder of Minds. Minds is a free and open source distributed social networking service that uses the blockchain to reward the community with ERC20 tokens.

“You need to ask yourself, okay, Tik Tok, why am I banning it? Okay, it has all kinds of surveillance features, closed source… There’s probably some sort of data sharing program with the Chinese state, okay. Why wouldn’t you apply those same standards to other apps and other countries?”

Bill Ottman

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. A comparison between the geopolitical implications of Google investing large amounts in a country versus Huawei investing. [7:01]
  2. How did India’s banning of Chinese apps affect consumer behavior of the average Indian? [15:20]
  3. Why data privacy issues can have serious geopolitical consequences. [21:12]

Recorded in partnership with

PeaceTech Lab works to reduce violent conflict using technology, media, and data to accelerate and scale peacebuilding efforts. An independent nonprofit, the Lab brings together engineers and activists, MBAs and conflict experts, social scientists, data scientists, and other innovators to put the right tools in the right hands to build peace.

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