Unpacking India’s cryptocurrency regulatory drama with Ashish Singhal


Ashish Singal is the Founder and CEO at CoinSwitch.co and Sequoia-backed CRUXPay, an open protocol simplifying the way people use crypto. It enables users to create a human readable CRUX ID which can be used to send and receive payment request, connect to dApps with a single click while ensuring an experience matching that of online fiat payments platforms like Paypal/Venmo or ApplePay. Ashish is a former Amazon developer and a leader of the team that built Amazon Prime’s 1-hour delivery model. Ashish is a well-known figure in India’s cryptocurrency space and an expert on the issue of the cryptocurrency ban in India.

“It’s not an open dialogue at this point… Crypto is very new to regulators, second their are a lot of people who got defrauded… Because of these two reasons they acted very quickly in banning the cryptocurrencies rather than discovering the need and use of it”

Ashish Singal

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. What was the effect of India’s Supreme Court reserving their ban on crypto trading in March of this year? [4:22]
  2. What’s been the relationship dynamic between India’s cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and regulators? [9:00]
  3. Where are the different cryptocurrency startup hubs emerging in India? [14:00]

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