Ecosystem Development Strategies for Small and Mid-Sized Cities

Ecosystem Development Strategies for Small and Mid-Sized Cities

This panel session was recorded at the ecosystem summit at Collision in New Orleans a few weeks ago. The topic of the panel was around strategies for small and mid-sized cities to foster and support the growth of their startup ecosystem. Joined by Stanfield Gray, the CEO and Founder of Dig South, Tiffany Linke-Boyko, the CEO of Startup Edmonton, and Matt Wolfe, the Brand and Marketing Director for Greater New Orleans inc. The panel talks ecosystem building strategies, tips, and tools for small and mid-sized cities.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • What metrics does edmonton focus on in quantifying the growth of its ecosystem?
  • How does a large conference like Collision in New Orleans benefit the cities startup scene?
  • What are some strategies Stanfield used to make Dig South one of the largest tech conferences in the South East?

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Posted on: May 22, 2018

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