A deep dive on Quebec’s Startup Ecosystem with Carl Viel

A deep dive on Quebec’s Startup Ecosystem with Carl Viel

Carl Viel is the CEO of Québec International, the economic development agency in Québec City’s region. The agency contributes to the economic development in the Quebec City metropolitan region and enhance its international status. It fosters business growth and development, supports key clusters and attracts talent and investment to the region.

Originally from Quebec City, Carl Viel received his bachelor’s degree in economics and a corporate governance certificate from Laval University. He also completed training programs in entrepreneurship (MIT), leadership (NTL Institute) and coaching (Niagara Institute). After nearly 20 years in the private sector, he held managerial positions with various economic organizations, including as vice-president of Montreal International and general manager of Montreal InVivo, prior to joining Québec International as CEO in 2008.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • Is there a single event or catalyst you can point to that has driven the biggest change in the ecosystem?
  • Quebec has been great at capturing economic data on their ecosystem, what methodologies or advice does Carl have on economic reporting and strategic monitoring?
  • What are Quebec’s strongest tech verticals?

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Posted on: March 27, 2018

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