Blockchain for Africa with Yele Bademosi

Blockchain for Africa with Yele Bademosi

Yele Bademosi is a Director at Binance Labs a fund and initiative to incubate, invest and empower top blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, projects, and communities.

Yele is Focused on developing the blockchain ecosystem in Africa, as well as sourcing/investing in blockchain projects and leading the Africa chapter of Binance Labs Incubation Program. Previously he was the Founder at Microtraction, a micro-vc firm funding Africa‚Äôs most remarkable teams with technical founders at the earliest stages of their venture and helping them build enduring companies.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • What are the most immediate applications of blockchain and cryptocurrency in Africa?
  • What does Yele mean he talks about the problem of market context in Africa?
  • What lessons did Yele learn during his time as the managing partner of Microtraction?

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