Catalyzing Haiti’s startup ecosystem with Marc Alain Boucicault

Catalyzing Haiti’s startup ecosystem with Marc Alain Boucicault

Marc Alain Boucicault is the founder of Banj, a local entrepreneurship hub in Port-au-Prince. He’s worked in international development for 8 years based in Port-au-Prince and in Washington, DC at the World Bank then with the Inter-American Development Bank. In 2010, Marc co-founded Groupe ECHO Haiti, an organization valorizing the potential of young adults in development in Haiti through which he created and lead several innovative projects including ELAN Haiti, a platform that brings together a community of students, young leaders and entrepreneurs from Haiti, its diaspora and the world focused on taking joint actions in Haiti. He is also co-founder and chief external relations officer at HFund, a closed-ended micro-venture capital firm based in Haiti offering new modern and tailored financial instruments that bring capital to innovative businesses and contribute to the emergence of a new category of entrepreneurs in Haiti.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Marc originally raised sponsorship money for the Banj?
  • What does entrepreneurship mean to the average person in Haiti?
  • What are currently the missing pieces in the Haiti Startup Ecosystem?

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Posted on: September 04, 2018

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