When Technology and Politicians Collide with Alex Barrera

When Technology and Politicians Collide with Alex Barrera

Alex Barrera is the CEO at The Aleph Report (thealeph.com) where he writes about the strategic implications of cutting-edge technology and help companies understand how to survive the future.

Prior to Aleph, Alex cofounded two major startup accelerators, tech.eu, and Press42. He is a regular mentor at several accelerators worldwide, and closely works with a couple of international conferences helping run their startup competitions and pitching training. I’m also an international speaker in multiple conferences, including keynote speaker at several TEDx Events, The Economist Summits or Global Shaper by WEF.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • What technology does Alex think will cause the most change over the coming years?
  • Why did Alex start spending the majority of his time traveling to Eastern European startup ecosystems?
  • Why is the US dominance in global startups fading?

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